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1st and 3rd Tuesday at 6pm PST/9pm EST

Eboni Nash who identifies herself as a round the way girl sipping on some DAMN GOOD wine. 43 year old OAKLAND, Ca native who didn’t venture to Napa until her early 30’s quickly developed a taste for all things wine.

Before she began her love affair of Napa her wine experience consisted of sneaking sips of Carlos Rossi from her granny’s cup, found her passion for wine mainly due to her curiosity and to answer the question “why do so many people have such a great time sipping on dry grapes?”

With an open mind and open pallet she made up for lost time and immersed her self with all things wine.

She was ill prepared for the relationships, experiences and culture wine would introduce her to, and relied heavily on her new wine influential friends to help guide her. In her thrust to educate others and in collaboration with her best friend who is also very passionate about all things wine was the creation of WineTalkSF. 

Robin Booker

As a native San Franciscan, Robin was nurtured in Napa. Her family of five was fortunate to live in an area where the natural beauty and spectacular culture was offered to anyone who wanted to enjoy it for free or minimal charge. Along with enjoying all that the bay area had to offer culturally, Robin, at age five, was privileged enough to enjoy the Napa Valley and all the beauty that it had to offer. Robin remembers frolicking through the beautiful vines and being virtually intoxicated by the smell of the grapes. She fell in love instantly with the entire glow and happiness the valley had to offer. She realized how happy the valley made her parents and by osmosis was delighted too. The love of the Napa and its smells, taste, and feel became a brick in Robin’s definition of delight.

Fast forward to today. Robin has built upon that brick of elation by frequently exploring many essential regions in the industry. She is fortunate to live in the bay area, where she can regularly visit Napa, Sonoma, Livermore, and all of the emerging grape regions. In her international travels, she always plans to visit, taste, smell, and explore the grape regions. She continues her education of the grape by attending classes, seminars, and discussion groups facilitated and whose participants share the same passion of wine. One of Robin’s favorite loves is sharing her passion and watching the excitement of those she has shared with grow and develop.