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Claudia Soul

Relationship Expert, Sexologist, Psychotherapist,

Author and Radio Host

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Claudia Soul is an Australian based Psychotherapist, Relationship Expert, Sexologist, author and radio host. Mum to two successful adult children and Effie the cat, Soul can be described as having the SSS factor. That translates to Smart, Sexy and Soulful. Soul gets high achieving and celebrity couples sexually connected, by harmonizing their relationships to create a foundation for desire and ongoing happiness. She has an uncanny intuitive power that’s the result of impressive credentials and 20 years of experience and thousands of clients. Soul will leave you asking, “How did she know that?”

Soul doesn’t believe in over analyzing or what she calls ‘over communicating’ in relationships and claims that harmony is the key. Soul says that by achieving inner and external harmony couples will tune into each other’s frequencies and be more receptive to changing the habits that prevent intimacy and sexual desire. Soul’s program has 3 core elements. Re-engage, re-connect and re-invent. Her method is the basis of her signature program and next book, Sexually Connected-The Book.

Creator and host of the radio show Sexually Connected, Soul also consults to media on dating, love and relationships. She has appeared on stage speaking in the USA in the Habitude Warrior Conference, host to speakers such as Les Brown. She is also an emerging author, specializing in you guessed it, all aspects of love, relationships and sex. Her first book Smart People Don’t Date, they Salsa, provides 11 lessons for Success in Online dating and even includes a lesson on the do’s and don’ts around sex when dating.

Soul’s interest in the sexual and intimate aspect of relationships came from her own personal journey with relationships and through working with couples. Soul discovered that the sexual aspect of the relationship was either the start of problems or suffered due to the couple’s individual issues and lack of ability to create an environment that allows the relationship to thrive.

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