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STRATEGIC LADIES SHOW with Jacinta and Estella

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Dr. Estella Chavous (Sha-Vu) (Dr. Stella)

…is an Author, Presenter, Stress and Project Management Expert and the co-owner of Strategic Ladies.  She has an extensive background in sales and marketing working in strategic leadership positions in fortune 500 companies like Abbott, Amgen, and Bristol Myers-Squibb. She is an adjunct professor and is presently working in global solutions marketing at Schneider Electric.

She has lead and built effective teams, designed and implemented successful strategy, and has successfully lead organizations through the transformational change process.

Estella is a creative and academic writer and has written several manuscripts.  She has also been a ghostwriter for many accomplished celebrities and musicians.

Estella is a Bio-individuality Health Expert, Fitness professional and has hosted various radio shows.  She volunteers when she can in women organizations, is a member of the Holistic Chamber of Commerce and is actively involved in her faith.  She currently holds a B.S. Degree in Biology/Chemistry, Masters in Business Administration and a Doctorate in Organizational Leadership.  She is a servant leader and an agent of change.

Jacinta CK (Jai)

Jacinta (Sha-Vu-Calm-Bach) is an American Singer/Songwriter, Entertainment Director, Prophetess, and co-owner of Strategic Ladies. She is currently an adjunct professor, novelist, and a stress management coach.

Jacinta has a passion for music and education. She has several years of teaching experience in elementary education, higher education, as well as seminars in “leading with a empathy”. Her work experience spans from pharmaceutical territory management, entertainment, recruitment, stress management, event direction, writing, and instruction.

Jacinta is a signed and published BMI vocalist/songwriter and has worked with many accomplished artist. She has a passion for education and has numerous years of experience in teaching and public speaking.

Jacinta holds a B.A. in communication with a minor in Criminology/Spanish and a MBA in Organizational Development. Jacinta has currently advanced to a doctoral candidate in Organizational Leadership at Brandman University. She has been a quest radio co-host for the Women Network Radio Show and volunteers as an ambassador for the SOC Holistic Chamber of Commerce. She is active in her faith and with her family and friends.