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* Chef Jennifer Houst has been a California Fusion focused private chef for over 12 years! Her cuisine has been inspired from fresh-from-the-vine Californian ingredients and by living-cultured foods that hold the power to transform poor digestion. While she traveled around the world as a private chef on luxury yachts, cooking for the elite, she ate a lot of rich food and worked extremely long hours. Living a demanding lifestyle led her to acquire adrenal fatigue at the age of 29. Severe adrenal fatigue brought this whiz in the kitchen to a full stop and ultimately required her to rethink her passion as a chef. In the last 4 years, Jennifer has rebuild her approach to the body. As she began to respect the limits of the body, she discovered the true potential of enzyme rich living foods. With regular cleansing and consumption of a living food diet she has fully recovered. She currently finds great pleasure in guiding people on custom juice fasts, and teaching people to grow and eat living foods through her co-owned company, Earthly Juices. Contact: [email protected], (310) 404-6804.
Detox Counselor Ellie Lara is a Marriage Family Therapist Intern, from Pacifica Graduate Institute. One of her professional approaches is how the psychological connection between what we eat is related to how we feel. She is the co-owner of Earthly Juices, a company created out of her and Chef Jennifer Houst’s desire to transform humanity one healthy juice at a time. With Ellie’s background in psychology and her own pursuit for health and wellness, she finds great enjoyment by working with people as health educator, counselor, and food coach. Ellie inspires others to live a powerful, positive, eco-aware lifestyle by demonstrating new healthy eating habits and adopting new attitudes towards the foods we eat. Ellie’s life has been transformed by a regular yoga and meditation practice, and of course by eating living foods and drinking fresh vegetable and fruit juices on a regular basis! She is an excellent listener and an amazing living juice specialist. Contact: [email protected], (714) 254-5612.