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Are you willing to share your health problems?

Well, in 2004, I had my 1st brain aneurysm, I didn’t even know what a brain aneurysm was but later found out that they are deadly. I was still working on my music at the time.

Well the first one really didn’t do much damage; it is when I had the 2nd one that really almost took me out. I was bleeding on both sides of my frontal lobe. When I came to, the doctors suggested my mom put me in a nursing home because it wasn’t likely that I would speak or walk again… but she didn’t.

Tell me about your company.

Well, Inspired and Able is all about being able to follow your dreams regardless of what life throws at you. It is a voice for the differently abled but empowered. It is also a voice for the person who just got a rough chance and took control of their life.

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UNBROKEN by Toni Alika Hickman                   

PEOPLE PLEASER  by Toni Alika Hickman

Was writing something this morning and realized how much power this song holds! We are in bubbles of pleasing society, pleasing for racial status, pleasing for financial status..pleasing for beauty..all while losing our spiritual takes a lifetime to stop the shackles of wanting to be excepted according to organized rules. I wrote this song for myself and everyone who feels the pressure of being friends, associates, family, etc. Please keep sharing this amazing message and song, and get it for 99cents on amazon. Be inspired!

Miss Mary by Toni Alika Hickman

All over the world people deny the pains that have invaded us as individuals. We often talk about the obvious issues with race, religion, politics, health..but what about our pain that is given from one individual to another? Why are we made to be ashamed of sharing that we have been raped/molested? We choose the battles that are easy to place blame, but we don't share the pains that ache our individual spirit. This is so many women's story! This song is dark, but my hope is from my own darkness I can help spread light..if this is your story, share this video, share this status, or simply share by hashtag- ‪#‎IAMMISSMARY‬, but no matter what....share. The universe & I thank you.