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Toni Alika Hickman

A lot of work & money went into creating this has some excellent talents in it as well as powerful messages. It deals with our food supply & genetically modified foods, our actions, our money, our spirit, and how we can implement change. I was selling them, but I stopped selling and promoting sales for many reasons..spirit has been on me, so I am being obedient. I am GIVING them away. If u are out of Houston, Texas, or far from the Houston SW side, then u can pay for shipping & packaging. $6 should cover in the will need to check if out the country.I have about 2 boxes, and you can have. Email me if you want it, I'm sure it will benefit somebody. [email protected] I'm gonna start passing them out to strangers, so if u want, email soon..the film is really amazing in my eyes. I just have to let go of it. Hotep.  (July 3, 2014)

*I want to thank Nikala Asante for not only being a vessel and thriving in her own spirit, but for her major contribution to this documentary..she saw recently that I wanted to give the film away, and she called and worked this out...this is the biggest give away it could be! We can give to the world! This is my 1st documentary, and it is so much info in it that even if you are a scholar, you can still walk away with something. I am grateful for all the people that are a part of this are a jewel, and I am grateful for you and all you do for humanity..may your message and the other messengers/talents in this film bloom beyond your imagination & help heal the world..Ase     (July 8, 2014)

**I watched The 16th Strike Documentary today and had water in my eyes..I am so overwhelmed with love for all who came together for this film..after watching it, I acknowledge that it was never about is about healing...I let go, and I release. I feel extreme love right now..just fyi    (July 8, 2014)

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