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I'm Sierra Torres an empathic clairvoyant Dakini healer living in Columbia Maryland although I have many passions I must say people are my greatest. With this show, "grown folks business" it's my intention to open the hearts and minds of humanity to a deeper understanding about the vibrations of energy concerns Sex, money, the perceived notion of power and the only true power...Love! Tune in so you can attune inward! Blessings and peace 

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I'm Earlene McConnell Co-Host of "Grown Folks Business" & Owner of "Beauty Of Ra Spiritual" Located in Chattanooga, Tennessee. I'm a Professional Clairvoyant Medium, Tarot Advisor, and Caster. I've walked many paths and healed many lives along the way, but nothing brings me more joy than putting a smile on the faces of others. My goal is "Enlighten, Encourage, & Elevate" each individual I encounter. Now tune in and stay tuned for the most invigorating radio show you've ever heard.